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Kia Ora! My name is Boris,  originally from The Netherlands but now living in Australia.
I have 3 big passions in life: Travel, Fishing, and Cooking. And I love mixing it up!

With this website, I like to share blogs, fishing-cooking tips, other useful travel information and of course to inspire you to get out and catch life!

Thanks for visiting World Travel Fish! Below is a bit more how I started to travel and how I got the travel bug.

At the age of 18, I finished my school as a qualified chef. I then started to work in the busy lunchroom of my sister to save enough money to follow her in her footsteps. To travel Australia!
I borrowed her old orange super cool backpack and got some good tips and booked Australia!
The plan originally was to backpack only a couple months on the east coast of Australia.

After traveling all the way up the East Coast reaching my end destination I realized I was not ready to go home.
Maybe because I ended up Far North Queensland in Port Douglas where the backpack scene was amazing.
The lifestyle, beach, weather and the fishing was fantastic!
Life was great in the tropics! It was paradise!

I made so quick friends in Port Douglas and most of them where all working. They inspired me to get a job 2.
As a chef by trade, it was pretty easy to find a job. Before I knew it I already had my first shift in an English spoken kitchen! I managed to save quite a bit of money and instead of taking my savings back home, I wanted to travel and see more of Australia!

I bought my first backpacker car and road tripped suddenly another 1,5 year around Straya (Australia).
After those 2 years of awesome travel, I knew the travel bug got me hard and I can not shake it off anymore!

Now I have traveled and worked in many countries. I realized I will not shoot roots in The Netherlands.
9 epic travel years later I’m back in Australia, and the country makes me feel home!

When I’m not working you will find me traveling, road tripping, cooking, exploring and of course FISHING!

So stay tuned for the traveling, fishing and cooking blogs!

Thank you for visiting!

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