Beach barra sesh with a stranger


Most of the time I’m fishing solo. I can wander beaches and explore on my tempo. I’m pretty good with the solitude but when you realize you found a buddy who is just as crazy about the fishing?  I can say it’s more fun!
You can plan trips and missions and you can discuss different fishing techniques!
Sadly the life as a traveling angler is filled with goodbyes and solitude. But I can say I‘m lucky to have met at least so many great passioned fisherman while traveling who taught me tricks and would never have met if I stayed home…

My friend Lishia came up to me one day and she told me she had a good friend from Germany living in this Area. He is totally mad about his fishing, really passioned and he is an awesome guy. You should get in contact with each other!

2 weeks later  I contacted Lishia’s friend; Marius.
I flicked him a message if he was keen to meet up and have a fish?

Marius wrote back: he was leaving in the afternoon for a 2-night camping/fishing trip.
It would be awesome to catch up there? We exchanged phone numbers and a call.

He was talking about a local spot not to far with a beautiful camping spot. We could fish the sunset and sunrise of the beach?
That sounded great and I was up for a little exploring!
My Chilean friend Gabby who I had spent the whole morning with was more than happy to come along for adventure. Especially when Marius told me he brought his girlfriend who did also Yoga and the two could do yoga and other ladylike stuff together 😉

We met up at the gas station a few kilometers from where I live. We jumped out of the car and shaked hands and shared a quick laugh. It was obvious: Marius and Denise were good people. We then quickly continued the journey to the spot.


We arrived at a really beautiful spot. Camp was set in a few minutes and Marius and I went off to the beach to catch a few live baits before dark. We just arrived to late and bait had bait was to hard to spot. We only got 2 Baits…
A good sized mullet and a garfish.

I had first pick and of course, I chose my favorite baitfish: the mullet. Good pick laughed Marius.
‘You got to love them” They are born to swim to get eaten. And Barra loves them!
We launched our baits from the beach and got to meet each other a bit more.
We both like fishing a lot, totally on the same level.
We didn’t’ have to much time to exchange fish tales & stories because suddenly TZZZZZzzzzZZzZ….

My drag started to run. Typical barra run; short run, pause. Short run. Pause and another run.
I flicked my bait runner and let the circle hook do his job.
Fish on! A good pulling fish and I started closing the drag more en more.
I got good head shakes but no barra jumps. Solid fish!
A few minutes later I landed the fish on the beach.

Barramundi! Yeahhhh booiii, it had been a long time ago I landed a good size barra.
I didn’t measure him but I estimated a good 70 cm.
I cheered and Marius high fived me! This was a great feeling. Sharing a good fish with a new fishing buddy.
We did a little photoshoot and got him on the ice as soon as possible.

Not much later Marius his garfish got mashed but he didn’t hook up.
I guess we are out of bait but not out of beer!
We all cooked and enjoyed a few drinks together. It was a lovely night camped on a beautiful spot!
Me and Marius planned to wake up the next morning nice n early to fish the sunrise off the beach.

I woke up reasonably fit and made way to the beach. Marius had a harder time waking up
Tide was going out fast and I needed to get my hands on a few livies, there was no time to waste for me!

I managed to grab a few. I launched my first bait and as soon as it touched the water I already had a run!
I Missed the hookup and baited quick another and launched him far out.
A few minutes later I had another run. Solid hook up and I landed a nice little black tip shark.
2 Baits down and I was hoping I would get another chance to land a barra before going back to work.

Marius also had woken up and joined me. Things slowed down a bit but then Marius got a good run!
He landed a nice spotted mackerel we ended up using for bait.
We dead baited for another hour and then I had to make a run! 
I raced down to work with a big smile.