Cathing life when fishing.

Some of us just go fishing to provide a fresh fish on the table. But most of us here do it to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.
The views, sounds, and smell of water seem to have a relaxing effect on our mental being.

When either you´re baiting out a line of a jetty while enjoying a few beers?
Casting a fly in a remotely located pool where you had to hike hours to get to?
Spending the day on the blue open waters targeting big game fish with your mates?
Casting lures from a small boat in the middle of a rainforest while enjoying wild life?


Sometimes even without having caught a lot, you have caught life.
You went out there and tried. Maybe it is because you spend quality time out in nature? The feeling to be close to nature and the surroundings? The fact you are out there and doing what you love the most! Fishing while forgetting how fast the world goes by? Just fishing right?


When you ´re out & about to catch life you always will get faced with the challenge to catch also fish! The fact that every fish requires a different approach and technique makes it already a challenge. As conditions change also you have to change. It’s not always a case of trial and error.
Most of us spent time reading, researching and trying to understand the fish behaviour.
You always have to figure out that way to catch that certain fish and how to fish well.  But that is the challenge, right?

Follow WORLD TRAVEL FISH and get inspired to CATCH LiFe and take on that challenge!

Believing sharing is always better I hope by blogging I can help with research and to inspire to catch life in a way we all love. Some of us gathered a lot of knowledge targeting often the same species in different places. You kind of get the feeling what to do and expect.  But there is always a new species to add to the list, a new area to explore! It can become as crazy as you make it yourself. Have fun catching life!

Tight lines!