Fishing in and around Crocodile infested waters comes with a risk. A risk that can event to losing body parts and even death! That’s pretty scary, especially when I’m originally from the super safe country The Netherlands and never had to worry about anything deathly while fishing. But why do I fish and feel reasonable safe fishing the Far North crocodile-infested waters?

Researching/Reading/understanding behaviour.

Research and try the understand the natural behaviour of crocodiles. Know their hunting behaviour. See a pattern or have a good idea where crocodiles are likely to be and if they’re likely to be aggressive and territorial.

*Crocodiles don’t hunt people but are opportunistic predators
*Your personal safety is your responsibility
*Dangerous saltwater crocodiles can also be present in fresh water
*Become CROCWISE: the australian state goverment websites have great info!
*Crocodiles can stay underwater for over an hour
*Crocodiles attack are far more commen than shark attacks
*Attacks ore often seasonal.
*Crocodiles are more active during warmer months of the wet season
*Breeding Female crocodiles are aggressive. September to April is breeding season
*Most attacks took place on people swimming
*Most men got taken while fishing. 
*Most woman got taken while crossing of doing domestic work
*Childeren and dogs are often taken because of smaller size. Never sit down the water edge

Minimizing the chances of an attack.

Crocodiles can jump their entire body length so don’t hang any arms or legs over the water edge from boat or shoreline. Of course, stay well away from the water edge or if you need to get close try to have an object between you and a possible crocodile. Camp well away from the water.

When landing fish try to use a net or lip grips. Be extra careful landing and releasing big fish. Try to find a safe spot for you but also a good spot for the best recovery options for the fish. It would be a shame a big breeder would get taken easily by a croc or bull shark just because of potential not fully recovered.

BE CROCWISE -> The government of QLD and NT have sites with how to be CROCWISE.

Don’t act stupid on and around the water

To all fisherman:

Staying knee deep in croc-infested waters when fishing is the most stupid thing you can do. No fish wis worth dying for.
Loosing lures is what all  people do around the world. Sometimes the lure its not worth the risk of retrieve! If you really want to un-snag the lure, break off the branch so you wasted less time having your arms haning over the water.

This photo was taken in 1987 of a man fishing just before he got taken by a big crocodile.

Cahill crossing is by far the most deadliest water crossing in Australia. There’re many unbelievable photos and videos taken by people recording reckless and foolish behavour around this crossing. I’ve been there too and seen fisherman knee deep in water fishing. 

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