Landbased spots I fished when travelling Australia.

Be mindfull off crocodiles & other marine dangers in Northen Australia.

Before I encourage you to go landbased fishing anywhere I advise you to do some research on marine dangers, stingers and cocodiles in the area where you are going to fish. I’m originally not from Australia and I did my research and learned a lot from locals how to fish safer the Far North Australia. 

Northern Territory


First thing you probably want to do is catch a barra in Darwin. Especially because there is tagged barramundi released with money prices up to a million dollar! So it can be worth going for a barra fish if you’re in Darwin!

Around the city:

Long time ago when I was in Darwin I flicked mainly the harbor, rocky headlands but with mostly only by-barra-catches.
I won’t recommend landbased fishing to much because of snapping logs and there are a lot of them! But there are new reasonable safe places to go for a fish. I think they even made a few fishing platforms. Just jump into a local tackle shop and they will show you a few easy spots but around those rivers you got to be carefull!

The Mandorah Jetty

This jetty can produce big fish with easy access. Only couple hour drive from Darwin, just around the harbor on the oter side. You can also take a ferry who goes often.
The jetty is pretty far out from shore and is high  above the water so bring a jetty landing gaf .
I can recomend to bring live bait jigs as a lot of herring hangs around that jetty wich attracts the big pelagic fish.
Darwin also has huge tides to consider.

Kurumba gulf of Carpentaria

This little place is right at a river mouth where the fishing was top notch.  The first day I fished the river in my little boat but the second day we fid some fishing off the bank and caught some nice fish jew fish and actually almost all kind of estuary species from flathead to bream, queenfish, fingermark, jacks, catfish, .. Maybe because we caught such of veriarty of fish I can remember the place? 

Western Australia


I lived in Broome for a month and I mainly fished the red rocky headlands and the big long Jetty where I mostly caught queenfish. I remember complaining as a backpacker only having to eat sweet chilli noodles with queenfish… 

At the end off the jetty you can drop a line in deep blue water but you will need a landing gaf as there is big fish around.  

Walking along the red rocks and sight cating fish can be some of the mosts memerable fishing I did! I hooked some big trevally and queenies.

The beach can also be really productive. I saw a few Germans catching a monster saw fish right on cable beach! 


Ooh, what do I love Exy but gosh what Do I hate those damn Exy flies! Besides the flies, the landbased fishing is sublime! I caught many fish on plastics casting towards reef structure. From Spangled emperor, jacks, queenies, .. 
You can walk along the beach next to the big army jetty and cast along big poppers for big GT.  There are many beaches to fish off. Check marine zones! But landbased it won’t get much better then over there! There is so many different species to target as the cold and warm current meet along there. It also can be really windy up there but you can always seek shelter in the bay and even give massive bonefish a crack! the fishing is just amazing around there and I think if you fished ever around there you always dream of going back one day! Have fun exploring Exy!

Coral Bay

I gave the local boatramp a crack when I was bored from day drinkinng on the camping ground. The jetty provided me a lot of trevally on light gear what was fun. I even jumped in with my snorkel to see the massive baitschool getting smashed by trevally! Awesome! 


I think sharkbay is really called because of the amount of reef sharks cruzing in the shallows. Sight casted a few sharks just for fun 🙂

Quobba Station

Big cliffs fishing. This is not your ordinary fishing. People have died off this rocks! People master the skill and even skip baits out on gas balloons and all other crazy landbased ways. I kept myself to small cliff drops because I was with family and ofcourse safety and inexperience. 
But what a place in the country! Amazing camping and what a scenery and don’t forget to check out those big blow holes!


Town of 1770 / Agnes waters

Easy access to amazing rockfishing. Just drive to the look out park your car and walk along rocks but be mind your safety of swells. I did a short popper session with no luck but the spot must fire up at times. Big pelagic fish hang around those headlands.

Hervey Bay

I’ve fished it super long time ago when I was not long in Australia. I probably just started to fish that time.  I remember people catching big spanish mackerel. That left a big impression on me! Back home the mackerel never got to that size!! Ballooning pilchards or spinning for big mackerel is popular local thing. Same as bigger jetty’s you will need a landing gaff.

Now After 2 years I learned Hervay Bay is a fishing mekkah. In gin crystal water sight casting jeuvilline marlin or even chasing Gt and mackies on the flats! I loved to explore Hervey again!


Located in the Hinchinbrook region where commercial river netting is not allowed the fishing is really outstanding. You can really see that the ecosystem around there is thriving. Lucinda has also a big jetty where I caught this nice chrome slab on a dead fresh mullet almost unweighted.

Mission Beach

The main big jetty holds big barra and on the right conditions pelagic fish who will stir up the baitfish.
There is another boat ramp south mission beach has Rockwall and is also worth flicking as I caught 2 barra there.


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