Awesome on topwater! You can read here how I ended up in Tonga in the search of Giant Trevally!

Traveling Central-America with a silver king quest in the back of my mind.
Read here more about how I ended up in the Jungle catching monster Tarpon and feeding a whole village!

Dog toothtuna aka the doggy!
On most anglers their buck list because it’s hard to catch.
I caught this one on a stickbait in Tonga.  They get much bigger but I was lucky to land one off this size on light gear in shallow water in Tonga.

Red Bass
If this fish was a dog it would be a pitbull. They love smashing big poppers and know how to reef you.
And you got to love the red color on them! They habbit most reefs.

Mud crab
Never have thought I would become such a fan of the sweet meat of mud crabs. They are a treat and well worth spending time gathering. Ooo and they can get big! 

Slurping Trout
Big rain- & brown trout rising to the surface to sip your dry fly away in crystal clear water! You can’t get any better trout fly fishing then in New Zealand. I lived 2 years in the South Island where I got hooked on the fly!

When I was kayaking at night on a river in the jungle of Nicaragua my guide showed me how to pick up small crocodiles out the water with your hand. You got to be fast and be careful! Croc is of the list without losing an arms or legs. ( In this case fingers! )

Golden Trevally
Trevally is like pokemon; You got to catch them all! Many times fishing I asked myself if it was today the day I was finally going to catch a golden trev. Got him on the soft vibe of the local jetty! 

I’ve spinned the lakes in NZ for almost 2 years with no luck untill I found a good spot and lure and I was cathing good numbers! This one was dinner! 

Queenie’s are fun to catch. They strike hard and they love surface lures! Big meteries run and jump pretty cool! They even come in bigger Queenfish versions!

Bad as freshwater fish who loves smashing topwater lures. 
I caught a few when I was chasing barramundi in remote freshwater pools in the tip of Australia.
Also in this remote fishing video.

I’m still chasing a meter plus, I got many times close now! Now I live in FNQLD Australia it is one of my favourite fish to chase on lures. 
Check out this video in remote country.

Long tail tuna
Landbased of a jetty in Darwin. Metal slice on a fast retrieve got this speedster! Also a great specie to have ticked off landbased!

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