Make sure your rods&reels are protected safe while travelling, You have the assume that they will get a bit of a bash around. The airport staff might trow it on the plane or just when travelling they might not have always the safest spot in the back of the cargo? 
So protect your gear carefully! There is nothing worse than arriving and having to do maintenance instead of getting straight in to the fishing! 

Rod protection:
You can buy telescopic rod tub of good quality but they cost easily $100 plus OR you can  build an easy Rod Armour tube for just only .. DALlasrs with lock!

They are allowed in Cary on but you could have a problem with the line on it. Specially when your reels are spooled with braid. You don’t wan’t to strip all your line off in to the bin. That could lead to a fishing disaster! Pack your reels wisely. There are awesome utility cases you can buy to safely storage camera gear, why not fishing reels ?
Pelican cases?

Oversized baggage. 
Check your Airlines with the maxium lengt of oversized baggage. Cheap airline try to make me pay a fee on my return flight. After some discussion I was lucky not to have to pay an extra fee.

Lures and flies
Ofcourse you can’t take hooks in your cary-on but I have you have to shift weight you can trasnfer your hookles jigs, poppers and sickbaits to your cary on or even in the pockets of your jacket!

Back Up Gear
It’s worth carying extra back up gear. From a back up rod, reel, fly&braid line, lures, terminal tackle, plyers, ..
Specially when fishing remote or making a big trip the packing list gets bigger
Check out my packing list and more tips on: How to plan a fishing trip

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